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This Tuesday the party is over for the Tea Party

Sunday, October 31st, 2010   9:14 am | Author: Tony | Uncategorized | Add Comment

I put up a video on youtube. Check it out.

Basically its a call to vote the coming tuesday and let the Tea Party know that they don’t represent the majority of Americans.






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Who screwed up on this one?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010   7:06 am | Author: Tony | Life | Add Comment
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There is an article in the New York Times that makes you wonder who is in charge and why is it so difficult for some in positions of responsibility to think before they act.


According to the Times “New York City officials destroyed tons of new, unworn clothing and footwear last year that had been seized in raids on counterfeit label operations, abandoning a practice of giving knockoff garments to groups that help the needy.”


The “clothing (that was destroyed) includes winter jackets, shirts, pants and underwear.”


“Until last April, the city had turned over some of the seized goods to not-for-profit organizations, including World Vision and the New York City Clothing Bank, which removed labels and defaced the counterfeit trademarks, then distributed the clothing to aid groups across the city.”


“A spokesman for the Police Department said that no one asked for the knockoffs in 2009 —an explanation that was bewildering to the operators of the clothing bank, ..continue reading

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New York in last place

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009   7:11 am | Author: Tony | Life | Add Comment
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An article in the NYT points to a new report in Science Magazine that ranks New York in last place, when it comes to happiness.


Ah, you talkin about us?


New York is number 51. DC was included in the study. Unhappiness seems to be radiating from New York. Connecticut was ranked 50 and New Jersey 49. I guess misery loves company.


The study was based on two sets of information. “One was a survey of 1.3 million Americans done over four years by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which asked people about their health and how satisfied they were with their lives. Those self-assessments were stacked against “objective indicators” borrowed from researchers at U.C.L.A. They included state-by-state variances on quality-of-life gauges like climate, taxes, cost of living, commuting times, crime rates and schools.”


“When the two sets were blended, the economists discovered that the subjective judgments closely tracked the objective ones. In other ..continue reading

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Over the top

Friday, December 4th, 2009   5:41 am | Author: Tony | Life | Add Comment
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There is a line where the freedom of speech crosses over to incitement to commit violence. 


Free speech is one of the reasons this country is what it is but that freedom should come  with some sense of responsibility.


Incitement to commit violence should not be considered free speech. It is a direct threat.


The NYT reports that Harold Turner an Internet radio host from North Bergen NJ has been broadcasting from his home studio since 2001.


At one time is was seeking political office in NJ but when the Republican party chose a Hispanic woman instead of him he decided to turn to broadcasting his hate radio program. 


He is known for his anti-immigration and anti-Semitic broadcasts. 


He was arrested in June for threatening to kill three Chicago judges who had ruled in favor of a gun ban.  Turner posted on his website “These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty.” He continued “The government ..continue reading

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Wasting taxpayer money

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009   6:57 am | Author: Tony | Life, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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The Feds are so focused on putting John Gotti Jr. away that they are willing to throw away taxpayer money for the outside chance that they will get a conviction.


They jury sent the judge a note that they were hopelessly deadlocked and the case ended in a mistrial. John Gotti Jr. walked out of the courtroom a free man once again, for the fourth time in four years.


Gotti Jr. was accused of racketeering and murder conspiracy.


When Gotti Jr. took over after his father was finally sent to prison (also after avoiding conviction 3 times) many thought that he could never live up to his father’s reputation as a tough mob boss. They thought he was a lightweight. I guess they were wrong.


It is time that the government is certain they have an ironclad case before trying this again.


As a side note I wonder if Nelson DeMille’s mob characters, Frank and Tony ..continue reading

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