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Parents, Children, & Anger Management

Saturday, June 13th, 2009   6:49 pm | Author: Kerri | Relationships | Add Comment
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When will parents begin to understand that they are the role models for their kids?  Over and over again, I witness parents losing their temper with kids, and at the same time that they hit their kids, they’re yelling, “I told you not to hit!”  That doesn’t make sense! A child learns that when their Mommy or Daddy is angry, she or he starts yelling loud and then hits–now why in the world would children think to do anything different, themselves?  Parents need to start respecting their children and treating them as they would like to be treated–using their “words instead of hands” when angry, as most children are taught in nursery school.  Wouldn’t it be a peaceful world if we all remembered that?

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Getting Ripped Off To Stay Healthy

Friday, June 12th, 2009   6:50 am | Author: Kerri | Food | Add Comment
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How annoying is it that just when you’re trying to lose weight, it seems that all the “good” food in unaffordable, while all the “bad” food is not only tempting, but also easily accessible, and real, real cheap.  Yesterday, I craved a healthy tuna sandwich.  I went to “Yogurt and Such” and asked how much a tuna sandwich costs.  It would have been $7.25. With a cup of coffee it probably would have been very close to $10.00 Why?  That seemed like too much money.  So, instead, I went to a bakery near where I work and got an awesome chocolate danish and an iced coffee for only $3.50.  Uh oh!  I paid half, but got probably triple the calories!  I keep forgetting that I’ll always have to ‘pay the price’ when I save on food–maybe not in dollars, but certainly in fat!  But really, isn’t it annoying that you ..continue reading

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Sunday, June 7th, 2009   7:55 pm | Author: Kerri | Environment | Add Comment
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I don’t care if people smoke, especially when they smoke in their own cars with the windows closed.  If they want to fill up their personal space with cancer-causing pollutants, I say, go for it!  But…when I see them open their car windows and hurl their cigarette butts out into the street, I get so annoyed!  I don’t know what to do with my anger.  The other day, while driving, I witnessed three people in a row hurling cigarette butts out their windows. Usually, I give a honk to let them know that their littering is disturbing–but I don’t think they make that connection.  What can we do to get the message across that their cigarette butts belong in their ashtrays, not on our streets? If they were at home, would they take their cigarette butts and throw them onto the floors of their living rooms?  This is MY home…OUR ..continue reading

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Where Has All The Money Gone?

Friday, May 22nd, 2009   3:42 am | Author: Kerri | Economy | Add Comment

I am sick and tired of all the fringe costs for just living life each day.  Today, I paid $13.00 to park my car in a lot.  I stopped to get a ‘cheap’ lunch to go at a deli–a couple of slices of muenster cheese on a roll, for $3.75–and a cup of coffee for $2.50. I desperately ‘needed’ another cup of coffee after lunch–big time!–and spent another $2.50.  I couldn’t make it through the day without some Trident gum (blueberry flavored–delicious!) for $1.25. Then, on my way home, I had to stop at one of those muni-meter parking spots so I could get some money out of an ATM at my bank (which I drove 8 blocks out of my way to get to in order to save the fee of $3.00 that another bank would charge!).  I spent another 50 cents to park.  Then, I realized that my ..continue reading

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Monsters In Cars

Thursday, May 7th, 2009   7:40 pm | Author: Kerri | Relationships | Add Comment

How can people be so mean?  They’re especially mean when they’re sitting behind their steering wheels.  Today, I was in my car, wanting to make a left from a main road, when I noticed a policeman directing traffic away from the side street.  There had been some horrible accident, and the policeman told me I had to get back onto the main road.  So…I began to get back into the lane going straight.  It seemed pretty obvious that there was a problem on the street, and that I’d have to be let back into the lane.  This woman in a car coming towards me hung out of her window and gave me the most hideous look, and then yelled, “Great!… you asshole!”  I can’t believe how horrible people can behave when they’re in their cars.  Would she say that to anyone she’d pass on the street and had to look ..continue reading

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