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An issue everyone agrees is a nuisance

Thursday, December 24th, 2009   1:34 pm | Author: SJB | Entertainment/Sports, Life, Technology | Add Comment
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Finally an issue that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on. One that both sides disdain equally.


The volume of TV commercials.


Rep. Anna Eshoo form California introduced the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM, which mandates that TV commercials be no louder than the programs in which they appear.


Representatives in the House unanimously passed the bill last month and sent it to the Senate for consideration.


Why wasn’t the health care reform bill this easy? 


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Americans die foreign gangster lives

Monday, November 2nd, 2009   6:43 am | Author: SJB | Health/Medical, Life, Money | Add Comment
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Last night 60 minutes had a story about the the Japanese crime organization called Yakuza.


The Yakuza has been compared to the Mafia however they operate in the open in Japan. They are involved in everything from business to culture in Japan and it appears they are also connected in the US.


Part of the story revolved around Tadamasa Goto who is one of the richest and most violent godfathers of this organization.


Jake Adelstein who lives in Tokyo and has followed the mob for 15 years said ”Generally speaking, Yakuza get rid of bodies by dumping them in the foundations of buildings. They own a lot of construction companies. So, you know, you’re pouring a new building. You throw the body in, like, the cement. And nobody ever finds it. The buildings go all up, all the time in Tokyo.”


Adelstein continued ”They run everything from the girls to the sex, to the drugs. ..continue reading

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The Terminator gives the legislature the finger

Thursday, October 29th, 2009   4:45 am | Author: SJB | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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It is not good to piss off the Terminator ;-)


Governor Schwarzenegger, unhappy with the lack of action by the California legislature wrote them a letter declining to sign the latest bill  (1176) that they sent him.


As CNN points out a careful review of the letter reveals that starting with the second paragraph taking the first letter of each line spells out FUCK YOU.


The Governor’s office denies this was intentional and claims it was just a mere coincidence.


click on image to view

Image Not Available







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Is this where we are headed?

Sunday, October 25th, 2009   4:56 am | Author: SJB | Life, Politics/Government, Technology | Add Comment
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There is a disturbing article in the NYT that describes the extensive surveillance that occurs in Britain of its citizens. 


“ cameras lurk at every corner, giant databases keep track of intimate personal details and the government has extraordinary powers to intrude into citizens’ lives.”


It sounds like a science fiction movie but it is reality in Britain.


To emphasize how out of control this surveillance has become the article reviews that case of Jenny Paton, a 40 year old mother of three who was trying to get her youngest daughter into a neighborhood school.


“Suspecting Ms. Paton of falsifying her address to get her daughter into the neighborhood school, local officials here began a covert surveillance operation. They obtained her telephone billing records. And for more than three weeks in 2008, an officer from the Poole education department secretly followed her, noting on a log the movements of the “female and three children” and the ..continue reading

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Where there is money there is fraud

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009   2:11 pm | Author: SJB | Economy, Money | Add Comment
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It is no surprise that there are some who are trying to take advantage of the government’s offer of an $8000 credit to first time home buyers.


The NYT reports that the Treasury department has detected fraud by supposed “first time buyers”.


They explain that some of these may just be errors but there is one striking number that points to possible extensive fraud.


Of 1.4 million claimants to nearly $10 billion in credits, 60 percent had incomes below $50,000, raising questions about whether some of them could afford a home.


If you have an income of under $50,000 it is highly unlikely that you can afford to buy a home unless it is way out in the sticks.


The Treasury Department’s inspector general said that as of Sept. 30 the Internal Revenue Service had identified 167 suspected criminal schemes and opened nearly 107,000 examinations of potential civil violations. 


All this comes amid the debate to extend the credit beyond ..continue reading

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