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Are pharmaceuticals out to kill you?

Sunday, December 13th, 2009   9:49 am | Author: Isabelle | Health/Medical | Add Comment
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There is a story in the New York Times today about an estrogen drug manufactured and sold by Wyeth (now Pfizer).


The drug, Prempro, was sold as a drug to treat the symptoms of menopause and hyped as also addressing problems with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and blindness.


“MILLIONS of American women in the 1990s were told they could help their bodies ward off major illness by taking menopausal hormone drugs. Some medical associations said so. Many gynecologists and physicians said so. Respected medical journals said so, too.”


“Connie Barton, then a medical office assistant in Peoria, Ill., was one woman who responded to such messages. She says she took Prempro, a hormone drug made by Wyeth, from 1997, when she was 53, until 2002, when she received a diagnosis of breast cancer. As part of her cancer treatment, she had a mastectomy to remove her left breast.”


“Now Ms. Barton, who said in an interview that she used Prempro in part because ..continue reading

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He wants her boobs

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009   4:31 pm | Author: Isabelle | Life | Add Comment

This story will annoy most women. I know it annoys me. reports that in the case of “Isaacson v. Isaacson,  Erik Isaacson is claiming that the value of his wife Traci Isaacson’s implants should be counted when the divorcing couple splits up its assets. He also claimed her Lasik eye surgery, valued at $1,000, should be counted. “


“South Central District of North Dakota Judge Robert Wefald found that the implant-related claim was “absolutely nonsense,” exclaiming  ”I can’t imagine people would actually waste time thinking that breast implants are marital assets. It just defies common sense. I don’t know how you would expect me to award breast implants, if you want me to have them cut out and given to Mr. Isaacson.”


At least there is still some common sense out there.


The following definition that Bruce Canton posted with this article seems to be right on target these days:


ac·ri·mo·ni·ous di·vorce (ăk’rə-mō’nē-əs dĭ-vôrs): A legal ..continue reading

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Dirty Water

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009   7:19 am | Author: Isabelle | Environment, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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In September I posted here about the problems with water that we use for drinking, bathing, etc.


Yesterday the New York Times posted an article that said that “More than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over the last five years.”


“..since 2004, the water provided to more than 49 million people has contained illegal concentrations of chemicals like arsenic or radioactive substances like uranium, as well as dangerous bacteria often found in sewage.”


“..regulatory records show that fewer than 6 percent of the water systems that broke the law were ever fined or punished by state or federal officials, including those at the Environmental Protection Agency, which has ultimate responsibility for enforcing standards.”


“Studies indicate that drinking water contaminants are linked to millions of instances of illness within the United States each year.  …scientific research indicates that as many as ..continue reading

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Trial and conviction by the media

Monday, December 7th, 2009   8:33 am | Author: Isabelle | Life | Add Comment
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Last week Amanda Knox was found guilty of murdering her British roommate in Italy where both were students.


Many believe that Knox was unjustly convicted based on the incessant negative media coverage she received in Italy and in other European nations.


We have the equivalent problem here and one of the main perpetrators of conviction by media is Nancy Grace.


Grace believes anyone accused of a crime is guilty, until proved innocent. 


Dr. Harold J. Bursztajn, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard issued a filing in support of a family that is pursuing a wrongful death suit.


In the filing he claims that CNN Headline News host Nancy Grace’s relentless questioning of a Florida mother three years ago contributed to her suicide. 


Grace launched aggressive nightly coverage of 2-year-old Trenton Duckett’s case shortly after he disappeared in 2006.The professor saw “a distraught young woman who is subject to repeated and increasingly sharp questioning by a hostile interviewer who displays increasing ..continue reading

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South Africa finally does the right thing

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009   7:13 am | Author: Isabelle | Education, Health/Medical, Life, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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South Africa is planning to offer free AIDS drugs to children infected with the disease.


This is after being governed for years by President Thabo Mbeki, who denied the link between HIV and AIDS. According to a study by Harvard this resulted in over 300,000 premature deaths.


Approximately 1 in 9 people in South Africa are infected with HIV, the highest number in the world.


Last year Mbeki was ousted and was replaced by Jacob Zuma, who has compared the fight against AIDS to the fight against apartheid. During a speech today he said ’At another moment in our history, in another context, the liberation movement observed that the time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices: submit or fight. That time has now come in our struggle to overcome AIDS. Let us declare now, as we declared then, that we shall not submit.”


It is heartbreaking that it took so ..continue reading

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