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Airline blames pilots for crash

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009   6:50 am | Author: pilot | Life, Work/Employment | Add Comment
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Colgan Air is blaming pilot error for the crash in Buffalo last February that killed all 49  on board and one person on the ground.


The airline released a 67 page report that blames the captain and first officer for not responding correctly to stall warnings, not completing checklists and failure to follow rules that prohibit unnecessary conversation during critical phases of flight.


The report concluded that the crash was due to ”loss of situational awareness and failure to follow Colgan Air training and procedures” by the captain and first officer.


The report did not blame the airline itself for placing two unqualified pilots into that cockpit.


Capt. Marvin Renslow, failed three pilot tests before joining the airline, but had disclosed only one on a job application. He failed another two check-rides while at Colgan Air.


First Officer Rebecca Shaw was a low time pilot who was earning a paltry $26/hour.


Both pilots were not properly trained or ..continue reading

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Airplane helicopter collision in NY

Sunday, August 9th, 2009   10:18 am | Author: pilot | Life | Add Comment
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Yesterday a single engine plane collided with a helicopter that provided aerial tours of the NYC area.


The plane took off from Teterboro airport and headed south over the Hudson River towards its destination of Ocean City New Jersey.


Many years ago I took my first flying lessons at Teterboro airport and flew from there for several years on excursions throughout the Northeast.


I made several flights up and down the Hudson and was always amazed that once you left the Teterboro control you were basically not under the control of any traffic controller over the Hudson down to the Statue of Liberty and beyond with the exception of certain altitude restrictions.


On a few occasions I flew South over the Hudson and saw other small aircraft flying North. Both La Guardia Airport and Newark Airport are only miles away from the Hudson, although the commercial flights are restricted to higher altitudes.


Years ago a ..continue reading

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FAA negligence

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009   11:10 am | Author: pilot | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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A federal investigation reveals that the FAA did not properly follow up or ignored aircraft or airport safety warnings from its employees. Further there were allegations of reprisals against whistle-blowers within the FAA. The FAA did not properly handle over two dozen current situations that were reported.


“There’s never been an agency that’s had that large of a surge of whistle-blowers whose concerns were vindicated by the government’s official whistle-blower protection office.” stated Tom Devine from the Government Accountability project.


One of the FAA inspectors had pointed out problems with Colgan Air for several years before the crash of one of their planes in Buffalo this year. He found poor cockpit procedures and improper aircraft manuals. The inspector said the his supervisor called him in and said “Stop your investigation, these violations never occurred.” 


The inspector continued to report safety violations but was demoted and finally put on a leave of absence.


Makes you ..continue reading

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Are the Airbus 300s safe?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009   11:17 am | Author: pilot | Life, Services/Products, Technology | Add Comment
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Last night an Airbus 310 crashed. This was a Yemeni Airlines flight with approximately 150 on board. It crashed in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Comoros.


This is the second crash of an Airbus 300 series plane within a month. The other was the Air France a330 crash off the coast of South America. both crashes occurred in bad weather but these planes are supposed to be able to withstand such weather.


The question is was it the planes or the pilots or some combination of the two. In the recent Buffalo crash of a regional carrier airplane the problems appeared to be insufficient pilot training and experience.


There have been airspeed sensor problems on the 330s dating baack to 2001. Equipment changes and changes to the flight manual have been made, but some believe the problems with the Air France crash could be still be due to faulty sensors.


It is ..continue reading

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Retrieving the black box

Thursday, June 18th, 2009   5:12 pm | Author: pilot | Services/Products | Add Comment
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The manufacturer of the black box aboard Air France flight 447 that plunged into the Atlantic stated that they have a 100% recovery rate of black boxes that were aboard flights involved in accidents. The retrieval of this black box may be more difficult. It is believed to be at approximately 15,000 feet at the seabed among underwater mountains and tons of sea trash.


The origins of the black box date back to the 1940s and the concept has been to build a box or cylinder that can withstand extreme circumstances (heat, pressure, impact etc.). The boxes send out a locator signal to enable searchers to find it.


What is annoying especially about this case (since the box may never be retrieved) is why with today’s technology can’t a device be developed that transmits all that data real time to a ground station and continues to transmit even after impact?

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