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Music in the barn

Saturday, June 20th, 2009   3:58 pm | Author: MDB | Life, Pets/Animals | Add Comment
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We visited friends of ours last week who own a working farm. They have a large barn with several horses. Our friends had speakers installed there to play classical music for the animals. They felt that it had a soothing affect on them.


I thought it was a good idea. They told me that they read a story of a woman in England that was doing the same for the last twenty years, playing classical music from a radio station to her horses. Then one day she received a notice from the Performing Rights Society stating that she had to get a license to play the music since she had a few employees and that made her a commercial enterprise the same as cafes and bars that play commercial music and playing music in her barn was considered a performance.


How stupid is that?

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My Husband’s “Affair” With The Computer

Friday, June 12th, 2009   5:48 pm | Author: MDB | Relationships | Add Comment
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I am sick and tired of my husband’s addiction to using the computer.  I feel like he married the damn computer instead of me.  In the morning, he rolls out of bed, and there he is, seated at the screen for hours.  If we go somewhere, the second we walk into the house after being away, he attaches himself to the screen. In the evening, the minute dinner’s over, he’s off to sit in front of the screen again.  And even if we go away to a hotel, or visiting people in their homes, he’ll manage to find a computer somewhere to check the stock market, his email, you name it.  Sometimes I fantasize about how much better our relationship could be if the stupid computer would disappear.  I can’t imagine being more envious of another woman than I am of this dumb computer!  (I know you’re thinking that I’m ..continue reading

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No more laundry

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009   2:12 pm | Author: MDB | Life | 1 Comment
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I am sick and tired of doing laundry for everyone and on top of that my two children think that dropping their clothes and other things anywhere in their rooms is OK.


I am constantly picking up their stuff off the floor, dressers, chairs, lamps and anywhere else that they throw things.


No more I am on strike. At least for today.

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Is it asking too much? my version

Thursday, May 21st, 2009   8:31 am | Author: MDB | Relationships | 1 Comment
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My husband, SJB, complained about a few things I do in his posts here. He suggested that I post my version. You know David Letterman’s top ten list? My list is much, much longer. But here are my top three:


  • put the toilet seat down after you are done. Do you know how many times I almost fell in when having to go in the middle of the night.
  • put the dishes away after the dishwasher is done. Hasn’t happened since we have been married.
  • fold the wash and put it away. I pretty much gave up on this one ever happening.
Is that enough SJB? :-)
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