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The “Lie of the Year” award goes to

Sunday, December 20th, 2009   6:36 am | Author: chris | Environment, Health/Medical, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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the Alaskan pitbull in lipstick, caribou barbie or brainless twit. The winner by mile is Sarah Palin., the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking Web site of the St. Petersburg Times, has named Sarah Palin’s claim about “death panels” the 2009 Lie of the Year.


They should have thrown in a bonus prize for her remarks about climate change on twitter a couple of days ago. 


“Copenhgen=arrogance of man2think we can change nature’s ways.MUST b good stewards of God’s earth,but arrogant&naive2say man overpwers nature”


“Earth saw clmate chnge4 ions;will cont 2 c chnges.R duty2responsbly devlop resorces4humankind/not pollute&destroy;but cant alter naturl chng”


Don’t you just love her attempt to fit in with the twitter crowd with her attempt to cram in as much stupidity into 140 characters as possible.


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Inhofe got the reception he deserved

Saturday, December 19th, 2009   2:17 pm | Author: chris | Environment, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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James Inhofe the anti-climate crusader was going to save the world from all those perpetuating the climate change hoax.


Inhofe made a great deal of noise about how he was going to Copenhagen and tell the people the “truth”.


Politico reports that Inhofe flew to Copenhagen to deliver his speech.


Upon his arrival at the conference he found a few aides and one report eager to hear what he had to say.


Politico notes 


“The senator didn’t have any meetings scheduled in Copenhagen, and he did not see chief U.S. negotiator Todd Stern or the members of the House delegation, who were not scheduled to fly in until later in the afternoon.”


“But Inhofe’s aides eventually rustled up a group of reporters, and the Oklahoman — wearing black snakeskin cowboy boots — held forth from the top of a flight of stairs in the conference media center.”


“We in the United States owe it to the 191 ..continue reading

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The Terminator vs. the Pitbull with Lipstick

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009   8:44 am | Author: chris | Environment, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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This is a match made in reality show heaven.


In one corner you have the Terminator, also known as California Governor Schwarzenegger. In the other corner you have Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, also know as the pitbull in lipstick, caribou barbie or brainless twit.


This encounter started with Palin’s asinine comments on climate change and her attempt to instruct President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen climate change conference.


The Terminator has long been a proponent of controlling emissions and like most intelligent human beings is a believer that climate change is a real and eminent problem. 


The Pitbull with Lipstick is shooting from the hip and spouting the talking points of the major polluting corporations in the US.


While in Copenhagen Schwarzenegger told the Financial Times that ”You have to ask: what was she trying to accomplish? Is she really interested in this subject or is she interested in her career and in winning the [Republican] nomination [for president]? You have to ..continue reading

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How do these idiots get elected?

Monday, December 14th, 2009   9:15 am | Author: freethinker | Environment, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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An intelligence test should be a requirement before you can run for any office, especially on a national level.


Joe Barton (R-TX) is one of these idiots who should never been allowed to run for office.


In an interview with C-Span Barton complained about clean energy legislation by stating “I don’t want to go back to the 1870s where my great-grandparents lived on a dry land cotton farm in Texas with no running water and no electricity and their power source was their own muscles or animal power”.


“CO2 is odorless, colorless, tasteless – it’s not a threat to human health in terms of being exposed to it. We create it as we talk back and forth. So, and if you go beyond that, on a net basis, there’s ample evidence that warming generically — however it is caused — is a net benefit to mankind.


As thinkprogress notes Barton is know by his nick name, “Smokey” because ..continue reading

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Chickenshit Palin

Thursday, December 10th, 2009   5:14 pm | Author: chris | Environment, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Palin thinks she know it all when it comes to climate change. More than every scientist studying climate change who concluded it is real and it is a problem.


As reports Al Gore appeared on NBC yesterday and said that “the global warming deniers persist in this air of unreality. The scientific community has worked very intensively for 20 years within this international process, and they now say the evidence is unequivocal”.


Palin responded on Facebook to Gore’s comment with  “he’s wrong in calling me a ‘denier’, “Climategate” proved that the “findings” of “the leading experts” in climate science “are flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.”


The following exchange occurred today on Laura Ingrahm’s radio show:


INGRAHAM: Would you agree to a debate with Al Gore on this issue?

PALIN: Oh my goodness. You know, it depends on what the venue would be, what the forum. Because Laura, as you know, if it would be some kind of conventional, traditional debate with his friends ..continue reading

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