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Killing Americans

Sunday, October 11th, 2009   7:55 am | Author: SJB | Food | 1 Comment
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This is not about terrorists. It is about eating.


It seems that no matter how many calories or fat exist in something you eat someone will find a way to make it better (actually worse).


Several years ago a bar owner in Decatur, Georgia substituted donuts for hamburger buns when he ran out of burger buns. And the ultra fat burger was born.


Then someone improved on this “burger” and added bacon, cheese and used deep fried Krispy Kreme donuts.


The result was a 1500 calorie burger. It would take approximately 3 hours of cardio exercises to work this off.


The Food Network’s Paula Deen alerted the world to this heart attack special and the rest is history.


At a recent fall fair in New England 17,000 of these special burgers were sold.


Image Not Available







Not to be out done KFC decided to introduce its own ..continue reading

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The Swedish do it fullkomlig (perfect)

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009   4:20 am | Author: classicbrew | Economy, Education, Food, Services/Products, Technology | Add Comment

I am not fanatic of the Swedish but I have to say I am impressed with their approach to life whether it be food, technology, or furniture. Today I drove my Swedish car (SAAABB) and went to a Swedish furniture store (IKEEAA) and thought… Wow.. How many countries out there make things with the consumer completely in mind??? Any thoughts?

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Whole Foods is not looking out for you

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009   4:58 am | Author: Ellie | Food, Health/Medical, Life, Politics/Government | 2 Comments
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I shop at Whole Foods every week and have for a long time.


To me Whole Foods has always been a symbol of good health. Their website has a section dedicated to Health and Wellness. 


So I was shocked when I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal by Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey speaking out against Obama’s health care reform.


He repeats some of the misconceptions put forth by anti-reform activists including that this would be an entitlement and that this will lead to the government takeover of health care.  


He has a few good suggestions including making individual health benefit costs fully tax deductible and repealing State laws that prohibit insurance companies from competing across state lines.


On the other hand he makes suggestions that would just empower insurance companies to further its stranglehold over those it insures. He suggests that government mandates of what insurance companies must cover ..continue reading

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Drudge and Republicans bottom fishing again

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009   7:44 am | Author: chris | Economy, Food, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Matt Drudge and the Republicans have found a new cause: make sure that the poor and homeless don’t benefit from the stimulus package.


Drudge reported (now that is a joke in itself) that the stimulus package included millions of dollars for pork products. Of course Drudge and the Republicans just love to blame Democrats for pork spending although they have been some of the biggest abusers of this practice.


Drudge claimed that $1.19 million was spent on “2 pound frozen ham” and $16.7 was to be spent on “canned pork”


Drudge never bothered to go any further and get into the details because that would have killed his story and he couldn’t have that happen. So the story spread like wildfire on the Internet and the right wing bloggers and Republicans just jumped on the bandwagon. Like the good old days when Bush was in office and they all marched in lockstep. 


Agriculture Secretary ..continue reading

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The government rolls along at a snails pace

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009   5:06 am | Author: Kay | Food, Politics/Government | 1 Comment
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Food safety regulations should be a top priority for the U.S. government. Whether you are for more or less government I would think this is an area that most will agree requires standards and regulations.


During Reagan’s administration researchers found that contaminated eggs sickened thousands of people yet nothing has been done on a federal level to regulate the production of eggs in over 20 years.


In 1992 Pennsylvania developed a pilot program and discovered that contaminated chicken feed and infected breeder hens caused the majority of the problems. They were able to reduce the egg contamination rate from 39% to 7%. Over the years many other States copied Pennsylvania’s inspections and regulations. However nothing was done on a Federal level until the Obama administration released a rule yesterday to address this problem as well as problems with other food contamination in spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken and beef. But most of the ..continue reading

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