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Repubs vote against funding the war

Thursday, June 18th, 2009   4:40 am | Author: chris | Money, Politics/Government |
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I guess the House Republicans must think that the American population is comprised of idiots or maybe they think that most Americans have some memory loss disorder. They voted against funding the $106 billion bill for funding operations in Iraq and Afghanistan because it included $5 billion in funds for the International Monetary Fund to help aid nations during this monetary crises.


In 2003 222 House Republicans voted for a war funding bill that included $11 million for expenses and salaries of House representatives. In 2005 the Republicans critiized Democrats for not voting for a war funding bill that included funding for Indian Ocean tsunami relief, the Department of Agriculture’s emergency watershed protection program, border security, and that prohibited states from issuing drivers’ licenses to undocumented immigrants. The Democrats did not vote for that bill because it did little to wind down the war in Iraq.  In 2006 the Republicans again voted for a war funding bill that included $4 billion for farm programs and $700 million for a railroad project on the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast. In 2007 the Reppublicans voted for a war funding bill that included an increase to the minimum wage put forth by Democrats.


The hypocrisy from the Right continues as they play politics with everything. The American people see what they are doing and in 2010 will show them the door again.

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