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Surprise: Gov Sandord left the Country | I Am So Annoyed

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Surprise: Gov Sandord left the Country

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009   9:41 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government |
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The latest in the story of what appears to be a totally unstable Governor Sanford of South Carolina is that he left the country, that is the United States, to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina last week, not to hike the Appalachian trail as reported by his staff.


He stated that he considered hiking the trail but “I wanted to do something exotic. It’s a great city”. He also said that he had not planned to come back until this Thursday but decided to return earlier because his staff informed him that this is becoming a big story.


I say again as I did in my previous post here. The governor needs to be fitted for a straight jacket and the people of South Carolina need to seriously consider impeachment.  Leaving the Country , not under duress, without transferring power to the Lieutenant Governor should be considered an impeachable offense. 



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  1. idanna Jun 24th 2009  11:23 am

    has anyone confirmed he left country with passport control or airlines? and was he alone? hotels etc??????

  2. chris Jun 24th 2009  12:24 pm

    What a clown. He now admits he had an affair and that is why he flew to Argentina. WHAT???
    It is really time for the people of SC to say enough is enough. He may have family problems but SC deserves better and someone who is stable.

  3. Tony Jun 24th 2009  3:27 pm

    Just read the statement from his wife. Looks like this whole thing was a setup. She says that because of his infidelity she asked him to leave for a while. So because of their marital problems he left the people of South Carolina behind without a word and without someone to stand in for him. Seems like there should be some legal case here.

  4. Big Red Jun 24th 2009  4:24 pm

    The emails between the gov & his South American sweetie are coming out and they are as hot as Columbia SC on a July day, and there ain’t nothinh hotter. SC is the buckle of the Bible Belt. He’ll be gone in a week.

  5. Tangerine Dream Jun 24th 2009  8:53 pm

    Tony, the SC constitution, unless I am mistaken clearly outlines who will be in charge should the Governor not be present.. That would be the Lt. Governor who has been at odds with Sanford for quite some time, as well as SC Senator Jake Knox who blew the whistle on Sanford’s absence. Both are Republicans by the way. So the whole thing is a bit stinky. Just another case of SC elephant eats elephant politikin’.

    “The State” newspaper had these emails since December of last year. One has to wonder, why did they wait until now to print them. And for the record, I think it’’s deplorable that they did. The man admitted the affair. Why publish the kind of garbage you find in the tabloids?

    Jest politikin’ SC style. Turns my stomach.

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