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Why is everyone dying?

Sunday, June 28th, 2009   12:35 pm | Author: Bruce | Life, Services/Products |
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Billy Mays the infomercial king was found dead this morning. He was 50 years old. After graduating high school he started his sales/pitch career on the Atlantic City Boardwalk selling a portable washing machine device. In 1993 he hooked up with Orange Glo International makers of Oxiclean and other products and the rest was infomercial history. Someone once said the Mays could sell ice to Eskimos and ski jackets to Amazon natives.


He was on the US Ariways flight yesterday that had a hard landing when its nosewheel collapsed. After the landing Mays said “All of a sudden as we hit you know it was just the hardest hit, all the things from the ceiling started dropping. It hit me on the head, but I got a hard head.”


Could he have died from similar head trauma injuries that killed Natasha Richardson recently? an autopsy will determine the cause of death.


As much as I disliked infomercials and their annoying fast paced sales pitch, Mays was always the superstar of the pitch men and he didn’t seem like a sleaze like the Sham Wow salesperson.


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  1. Steve Jun 28th 2009  2:00 pm

    I was more annoyed at hearing his voice. He was a smart guy but his voice was ear piercing. Despite his alleged integrity, I think he would sell anything.

  2. mrs.kite Jun 28th 2009  3:45 pm

    Wow, this is just really sad. Billy was one of those guys everyone knew, and nobody really hated him. He just buzzed in our heads inbetween shows.
    I’m actually a little more upset about Mr.Mays than Michael Jackson, and btw, I haven’t heard anyone mention the death of Farrah Fawcett. She was a strong and inspiring woman who fought one of the hardest fights you can fight, and she was booted from the media because the crazy man with the monkey and little kids (who was a good musician long ago) had a heart attack.
    Sigh… RIP Mr.Mays and Ms.Fawcett.

  3. Nathan Jun 29th 2009  5:15 am

    As for Billy’s integrity, you should listen to the radio interview for the guy that ran the ad agency. He spoke of Billy on WIBC. If you look on\morning tomorrow, today’s interview will be up there in the archive. He said Billy wouldn’t do just any commercial or one that conflicted with his previous statements on what was best. He mentioned the ShamWow guy being fake, though.

    and P.S. RIP Ed McMahon

  4. Dot Jun 29th 2009  9:42 am

    prelim autopsy results indicate it was heart disease not a head injury. Wouldn’t a doctor pick this up during an annual exam? I assume that someone with his type of job would have regular check up but who knows.

    How did they get results in a day on Mays but it will take 4-6 weeks on Jackson?

  5. Cookie Jul 8th 2009  10:15 am

    Be sure to check out the Sham-Wow guy’s mugshot on the Smoking Gun. He and a prostitute beat the heck out of one another.

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