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Cashing in on Michael Jackson’s death | I Am So Annoyed

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Cashing in on Michael Jackson’s death

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009   5:59 am | Author: Isabelle | Entertainment/Sports, Life, Money |
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When there is an opportunity to make money someone (or many) will rise to the occasion. There is something a little sick about cashing in on death which appears particularly prevalent when a celebrity dies. It is not the cashing in on an artist’s work (paintings, music, etc.) but the inflated sale of secondary “items” related to the artist that I find annoying.


Jackson had 50 concerts scheduled in London called the “This is it” series because this was to be his final concert tour. Morbidly foretelling.


With his death last week promoters were faced with refunds to the 50 sold out concerts. They could have just refunded the money but they decided that they will offer ticket holders the option to choose a commemorative ticket. Very clever. With tickets costing a minimum of $105 each the promoters stand to retain a substantial amount of the money since many ticket holders will view this as an eBay opportunity.


Death seems to pay.


The asking price for everything MJ related is up these days. Ebay reports a 210% increase in MJ sales. Besides all the standard merchandise, posters, records, dvds, etc someone is trying to sell an unopened Pepsi six pack for the 1984 MJ World Tour. Owners of domain names for websites related to MJ are coming out of the woodwork with exorbitant asking prices.


I am sure that there are some true fans out there who want a piece of MJ to remember the artist he was but my guess is most are just in it for the money.


It is the American way or maybe these days with eBay and other Internet sites, it is the global way of life and making money. 

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  1. Jeff Jun 30th 2009  9:14 am


    I share your feelings on this matter. I was appalled to read the article on CNN about this concert promotor profiting from Michael Jackson’s death. People are so caught up in the moment that it will be very easy to dupe them into taking this so-called souvenir. This promotor should be ashamed. Wake up people! Don’t get caught up in Corporate America’s greed. Keep your memories of Michael close at heart, but please do not think of $$$$ when making your decision

  2. Philip Jun 30th 2009  9:57 am

    This is a Joke, really i mean everyone who was going to see him im sure would love the ticket as something to keep, but full amount for it still wtf! something has to be done about this

  3. steve Jun 30th 2009  2:46 pm

    i wouldnt mind giving the money to them if they gave a good percentage to charity

  4. sc Jun 30th 2009  10:28 pm

    I understand peoples opinions on “cashing in” but on the other hand if someone like myself is looking for it because they never got a chance to purchase the tickets that is where the “seller” comes in. It works for both sides. Without one you can not have the other.

    If I did ever sell something in a situation like this I always donate a part to charity.

  5. Deb Jul 1st 2009  6:28 am

    Oh please! A good majority of the fans out there are in it for the same reason-MONEY! You want the refund and then you will try to sell the ticket on EBay! Why should the fans profit from his death, it just isn’t right. It’s sad that a person has to die and not know how everyone felt about him. Every channel you turn on says he was an icon, the best entertainer in the world, how great he was! Too bad they didn’t report this when he was alive. Maybe he would have felt differently and would not have needed the drugs to hide the pain of rejection and constant negativity! So many people were on the gravy train, it’s time to get off!! Let Michael finally rest in PEACE!

  6. PleaseConsiderCharity Jul 1st 2009  11:37 am

    I hope that people will strongly consider collecting their refunds and donating them to charity in Michael Jackson’s honor. There are several websites advocating this including The Man in the Mirror Project ( While some fans are in it for the money, and others will want the momento, I think many fans will find that giving to a charitable cause that Michael supported in his honor is the best memory and tribute of all.

  7. Johnnie Jul 1st 2009  5:14 pm

    Give me a break. EVERYONE is profiting. You think CNN/FOX/MSNBC and the like aren’t going to milk this death like they do all the others? And why? FOR THE MONEY!! Advertising, viewership, you name it.

    At least with the promoter, they are just trying to recoup some of their losses. Why shouldn’t they?

  8. Johnnie Jul 1st 2009  5:15 pm

    And have all you people forgotten that HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTOR???

    You don’t pay someone off in millions of dollars if you are innocent!

  9. Nobody Special Jul 2nd 2009  10:32 pm

    Johnnie (above) is so smart. He KNOWS that anyone who would make a payment in order to conclude a litigation MUST be guilty. I wish everyone in this world could be as smart as Johnnie. The world would be such a better place. I wonder whether Johnnie is actually GOD? Since only God is omniscient, and Johnnie by his own self-definition is omniscient, I do believe that Johnnie MUST BE God Himself! NIce to meet you, Johnnie God. OR is it God Johnnie?

  10. jayleelah Jul 9th 2009  6:04 am

    “treat them with the same reverence and respect after his death.”

    I don’t feel treated with the same reverence and respect. I feel screwed by them. A souvenir ticket will never replace HIM. And charging full price for a piece of paper is really not respecting the fans we are.

    For that I have created a petition :

  11. T.Hi Jul 10th 2009  1:38 pm

    Johnnie, if you’re any kind of a parent, you DON’T TAKE MONEY if you REALLY believe your child HAS BEEN ABUSED!

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