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White House salaries

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009   6:57 am | Author: chris | Money, Politics/Government |
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The White House released the salaries of its staff and the top salary earned by those actually working for the White House as opposed to those who are on “loan” from other departments is $172,200. Those at this level are Rham Emannuel, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, Lawrence Summers and others.


The salaries are the same as the ones for the Bush staff but the caliber can not be compared. Dana Perino also at the top of the salary range, was Bush’s White House Press Secretary. The one who didn’t know what the Cuban missle crises was.


But the thing that is most annoying is the salary of the president which is $400,000. Clinton and Congress passed a salary increase in 1999 that increased the President’s salary from $200,000 to $400,000. The increase went into effect in January 2001. Bush received double Clinton’s salary and the same as Obama. Where is the justice in this? Bush screwed up almost everything he touched in 8 years and can not be compared in ability to the other two.


I would like to see a compensation package similar to that of the corporate world. Part salary and part performance based. That should be in place for both the White House and all members of Congress.

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  1. Karl Rove hypocrisy Jul 2nd 2009  4:17 pm

    If you think CEO salaries are effectively managed in the private sector, you would be both naive and sadly mistaken on the facts. Over the past 20 years, the gap between CEO salaries and the avg. full-time worker has expanded by just over 10X…….CEO salaries have been going through the roof while corporate earnings, salaries or everyone else, and the # of employees in those corporations has NOT been growing.

    Over the past 12 to 15 years, the private sector is proving itself incapable of managing the compensation package of corporate executives - basically, the execs and board members are writing their own tickets with little to zero regard for shareholders……..the GREED factor is at levels never seen before in any country or the history of economic data.

    So be careful what you wish for……private sector like salary comp. plans for the WH would be worse than what we have now in the WH.

  2. chris Jul 2nd 2009  5:02 pm

    KRh I agree with you that many in the corporate world are (were) driven by greed and little else. But I think that performance based compensation properly reviewed and administered may be a better option for getting things done in Washington.

  3. Steve Jul 8th 2009  1:41 pm

    I remember the Cuban missle crisis. And, I remember Dana Perino.
    I didn’t know she was making so much money, but she was much perter and purtier than Robert Gibbs, right?

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