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Friday, July 3rd, 2009   1:39 pm | Author: chris | Politics/Government |
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Governor Palin has decided to step down as governor of Alaska at the end of the month. 


One of her supporters who provided the story to CNN stated ”She thinks she has accomplished goals she has set forward, She sees what a positive influence she has had on people’s lives from traveling the country in the last year.” This is the reason to step down?


Sounds like someone is full of themselves. The people of Alaska must be relieved. What is annoying is that so many so called intelligent Republicans backed her during the last election and didn’t stand up to point out her shortcomings. Can you imagine where this country would be today with McCain/Palin? we probably would be fighting in Iran today and the economy would not recover for another 10 years. 


If her intention is to foucs fulltime on a run for President in 2012 why quit as Governor now? maybe because she needs three years to get a basic education in both domestic and foreign affairs.


This could be the best July 4th present that Obama and the Democrats could ever wish for. Will the Republicans really be so stupid as to select her as their nominee for 2012? I can’t wait to see the infighting among the so called possible contenders. Sanford and Ensign are gone. Jindal made a fool of himself on national television. Pawlenty’s nonsense in the Minnesota election for Senator can’t help his cause. Will conservative right wingers elect Mormon Romney? or too liberal Giuliani? Will Americans really give Jeb Bush a shot? wasn’t the last one enough?


I think the Democratic National Committee’s response to her announcement today is right on the money:


“Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry to pursue her long shot national political ambitions or she simply can’t handle the job now that her popularity has dimmed and oil revenues are down,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said. “Either way, her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.”

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  1. NickFun Jul 3rd 2009  4:39 pm

    She’s done a lousy job as governor, cost McCain the election and made a laughing stock out of our political system. She has accomplished her mission and it’s time to step down.

  2. NickFun Jul 3rd 2009  4:40 pm

    Oh, byw, McCain was going to lose anyway even if he had someone good as his running mate. She simply sealed to coffin.

  3. Sue Jul 3rd 2009  6:31 pm

    Sara Palin Would make a great President, the guy thats in the White house now has got no sense, we are going broke and he doesnt even know it.

  4. Tom Jul 3rd 2009  7:18 pm

    Oh Sue, I have to say the you and your brethren are such a breath of fresh air. Here we are, as a country, trying to straighten up the utter mess that brainless people like Palin and Bush have foisted upon us, understanding things like history (FDR comes to mind) economics and humanity. And out of the bizarre right, we hear voices like yours, reminding us of the simple minded knee jerk fanatic hatred that exemplifies the dying rales of the Republican party. Please keep speaking up, Sue. It reminds of of where we came from and what we all have to avoid in the future.

  5. elaine Jul 3rd 2009  7:25 pm

    I have a feeling she’s sick., in more ways than one, I’m talking physically sick. Mentally is already a given. She’s thin, looks years older than she did in November.

    I also have a feeling a scandal is about to break.

    Bye bye, Miss Alaskan Pie!

  6. Irksome Jul 3rd 2009  7:27 pm

    Sue, you’re joking, right? The woman got punkd by a Canadian radio comedian pretending to be the president of France, for crying out loud.

  7. Sarah P. Jul 3rd 2009  7:38 pm

    Why thank you, Sue? Heeey, wait a minute- Is that you Todd?! I’d recognize that comma abuse anywhere. Whadda I tell ya about bein on the intertubes? Get off yr butt and move your snowmobile, it’s blockin tha drive way again, dammit. Also.

  8. john Frum Jul 3rd 2009  7:48 pm


  9. Heather Jul 3rd 2009  9:06 pm

    I don’t think she cost McCain the election, I think the GOP was blindsided by the crisis, and no one speaking as a continuation of the party in power could have won; not Huckabee, not Romney, not any of them.

    As for Palin, she used the media spotlight on her for the past 8-10 months to do nothing but embarass herself, so, good riddance.

  10. Heather Jul 3rd 2009  9:12 pm

    …and she can blame the “media” all she wants but she has quit her position offering no less than 10 different nonsensical excuses, so….

    1. her kids voted on it.
    2. she’s accomplished all she wanted to accomplish
    3. she doesn’t like the negative media coverage
    4. her kids don’t like bloggers making fun of trig.
    5. she doesn’t like the commute to the capitol from Wasilla
    6. her visit with the troops in Kosovo made her realize she should live each day ?!(wtf?)
    7. there have been too many frivolous ethics complaints filed against her
    8. she wants to work to effect positive change from outside of office
    9. she wants to save taxpayers the expense of all the traveling a governor must do (even though her replacement will spend that money now).
    10. she doesn’t want to “go with the flow” like a dead fish.

  11. Ken Jul 4th 2009  5:46 am

    How can this country “of the people, by the people and for the people” long endure when the likes of Sarah Palin represent the most electable type of politicians?

  12. Jay Severin Has A Small Pen1s Jul 4th 2009  7:45 am

    Poor Sarah Palin got picked on. I guess most of her supporters forgot how she attacked Obama and Biden during the election. “terrorist!”, “socialist”, “where’s his birth certificate?”. She has eons to go before she catches up to the Clintons and the attacks they suffered from the right.

    Besides. No one in the democratic party gives a rat’s ass about Palin now. It’s the GOP that are taking her down. Mitt and the Mormons, who can’t stand the Christians because the Christians consider them a cult, are moving heaven and earth to get their candidate elected. You guys have real problems.

  13. Eades Jul 5th 2009  9:54 am

    Wow you lefties are amazing. I am by no means a republican, but I can definitely tell you that left wing socialist scare me so much. You people are almost as bad as catholics among other religius morons believing what your new messiah is spewing everyday. Government control is what you want,then you should leave America and stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us. Pull yourselves up and stop looking for handouts and for daddy obama to save your ass because you didn’t have the foresight to pay for health insurance, or move into a house that you can afford. This stimulus isn’t working and I know Bush started it, I’m not saying he did a stellar job on everything, but he did a lot of good things that all you dems and libs never acknowledge. All I hear these days is you people bitch about how Obama has been handed the worst situation in the history of the country. Well you couldn’t be more wrong, it is a tough situation and Obama has a a lot of work to do but there have been many more dire situations previous to what he is dealing with. Taking advantage of economic downturn in order to push through his radical socialist agenda is not the way to lead the country. By distracting all of you easily distracted liberals and enraging all of you bible clutching repubs he is sneaking social engineering right under your nose.

    Worst thing about most of you posting here is that you blindly attack Palin Bush or anyone simply because you are aligned with the opposite party. You never state facts, theories or anything of any real substance. You just attack because that is what you have trained to do by your moonbat handlers. The one democrat that i like now is Franken because while the rest of the liberal dems are dancing in the streets because they have a fillibuter-proof majority, Franken is making statements about how he is not the 60 Dem but rather the second senator from his state. Open your fucking minds and stop being the extreme lefts lapdogs. Go experience what Obamas utopian vision is like and go live in Cuba, Venezuela, or another socialist republic. you’ll shit your pants. So why not stop being so blind and just attacking for the sake of attack, take a political science course, read history books, open your fucking eyes and stop being liberal robots. Just because you can get high and forget about the bad parts of socialism doesn’t mean everyone wants to live in a society of self-masochism like you.

    and yes i smoke weed, but i can keep my ideas straight and not be blinded by a sweet talking messiah who only got elected because of his ability to utilize speech, teleprompters, his color, and his tactic of blame blame blame, all while reaching into your wallet without you noticing and removing balls through your ass.

  14. chris Jul 5th 2009  10:49 am

    LOL Eades. Nice rant. Maybe its time to get off the “weed”. I highly doubt that you ever smoked anything other than tobacco. And nice try playing the all knowing centrist and coming out for Franken, that was a great touch.

    But seriously if it is Facts that you are looking for there is a thing called the Internet. Look it up and you will find plenty on Bush’s great 8 years and Palin’s being one of the best governors around.

    The problem is not us calling it for what it is. It is people like you trying to label Obama a socialist and trying to change history. Let’s face it we are f*ucked and its not because of Obama.

  15. yoyo Jul 5th 2009  3:42 pm

    do morons like Sue understand that to get out of the mess Bush left with his mission accomplished crap America needs to work with other countries, that would not be possible if you had a president that the whole world laughed at like Palin.

  16. Wordsmith Jul 5th 2009  4:30 pm

    6. her visit with the troops in Kosovo made her realize she should live each day ?!(wtf?)

    Not to mention she didn’t know that being in Pristina, Kosovo - she WAS in Kosovo.

    I’ve followed some left-leaning blogs that have carried on about the misogynistic attacks on Mrs. Palin. Oh, I guess it is governor. I rarely saw ‘the attacks’ as being due to her being female as I did for being so f*cking stupid. I’ve been interested in and involved in politics since early high school (public at that) and I simply cannot abide such obvious ignorance.

  17. conphx Jul 7th 2009  11:45 pm

    Eades, bro-I’ve told ya to lay off the crystal and moonshine-chill dude!

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