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The clueless remain clueless

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009   4:27 pm | Author: chris | Politics/Government |
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A USA Today/Gallup poll taken yesterday, 3 days after Palin made her resignation announcement,  indicates that 7 out of 10 Americans did not change their opinion of her. Which is not that surprising.


But the mind boggling part of the poll indicates that  7 out 10 Republicans would vote for Palin for President if she decided to run in 2012. Who are these people? there must be some intelligence left among Republicans. I refuse to believe that it is limited to 30%.


Can’t people see her for what she is. She is an average American mother who cares about her family and I believe that she cares about the Country. But she has zero ability to lead. She is a quitter as proved this past weekend. She has no real domestic or foreign knowledge. Her claim to fame related to the Alaskan pipeline is nothing more then smoke and mirrors at the moment. At most she may be capable of running a small Alaskan town as mayor again and even that is questionable.


Wake up people. Do you really want Palin to be engaging world leaders in making the tough decisions? As tennis great John  McEnroe used to say “You can not be serious“.


But again if the GOP wants to commit suicide we can use a variation of  Bush’s dare “Bring it on;-)

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  1. Jeff H Jul 7th 2009  6:08 pm

    I don’t understand what people see in her. She just comes off as a whiner.

    There are two reason that I would never consider her as a candidate.

    The first is that I could never forgive her for trying to paint Obama as a terrorist during the election. The media did very little to televise how she stirred up hatred in some of the crowds during the campaign particularly when speaking to Southern audiences.

    The other is her deer in the headlights reaction when Gibson asked her what she thought of the Bush doctrine.

    Those who say the will vote for her because she is a mom just like them have a warped view of what the President’s job entails.

  2. J Jul 8th 2009  3:26 am

    Chris, I could not agree with you more. I will never, as long as I live, understand why Sarah Palin still gets the widespread support that she does. What is the draw??? I hope that, if the Republicans plan on putting forward a female presidential candidate in 2012, that she would be as insightful, intellectually curious, and knowledgeable as President Obama is.

  3. Drew770 Jul 8th 2009  8:52 am

    Palin was and is the great white hope for Republicans. She will be a very formidable candidate in years to come if she would just stay home and study.
    What liberals, democrats and others that didn’t vote for her seem to forget is that Palin is a diamond in the rough.
    She is attactive, well spoken, has a great way to connect with her audience but she is not knowledgable about politics and policies.

    Palin fits into the Republican mode perfectly and I expect her to be a serious 2012 candidate.

  4. appalled Jul 8th 2009  1:00 pm


    are you completely insane?
    1. stay home and study - there is more evidence everyday that even when given the chance to study, she either refused, got angry, or didn’t absorb the information. and i quote “Andrew, I watch you at these debates with no notes, no papers, and yet when asked questions, you spout off facts, figures, and policies, and I’m amazed. But then I look out into the audience and I ask myself, Does any of this really matter?”
    2. attractiveness=ability? while this may garner votes, it is utterly devoid of content. just like her.
    3. well spoken?! please show me ONE instance of her ability to speak that does not include a teleprompter.
    4. connect to audience - very true. but PRECISELY because that is true, is what is truly demoralizing. what is this connection based on? patriotism? conservative values? i am willing to bet she only had a vague idea of what those were before Aug. 29, 2008.

    how can she possibly be good for the republican party? she is simply preaching to the conservative, committed choir. whats the gain? what demographic is being targeted here? what the f* is the point??

  5. classicbrew Jul 8th 2009  6:26 pm

    I wish someone would sit there and actually tell me what the heck “liberal” means? What?? Liberal with laws? money? justice? In what way? Does conservative mean doing nothing? Or does it mean not admitting what reality is by wishing it away? I honestly don’t understand the context of the term and how it can be used as any kind of relevant adjective to describe someone who does not agree with the republican party…

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