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Romanian mayor wears Nazi uniform | I Am So Annoyed

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Romanian mayor wears Nazi uniform

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009   1:35 pm | Author: Kay | Life |
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Romanian mayor, Radu Mazare and his 15 year old son took part in a fashion show over the weekend and “entered the stage marching the clearly identifiable Nazi ‘goose step” according to the Center for Monitoring and Combating anti-Semitism in Romania. Mazare wore a Nazi uniform.


Mazare claims that he did not see the swastikas on the uniform although he admitted that he bought it in a custom shop in Germany because he liked how it looked on Tom Cruise in the movie Valkyrie.


Various Jewish organizations have called for Mazare to apologize and resign. He is not expected to do so.


I have several Jewish friends whose parents lived in Europe before the war and some were in concentration camps and barely survived. Many of these families lost relatives in the camps. I had the opportunity to speak with the father of one of my friends many years ago and he described to me in detail the horror of life and death in the camps. He was originally from Germany and described the deterioration of life for the Jews in the 1930s as the Nazis came into power and the denial by many that things could get worse, the utter disbelief when the Nazis started to load people into cattle cars and even then some believed it was just a temporary “relocation”.


The mere mention of Nazis to people who have lived through this horror is beyond comprehension. To have a mayor in a country that supported the Nazis from 1940-1944, before switching sides, put on this uniform and not understand the enormity of what it means to people is shameful and disgusting. 

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  1. Angie Jul 21st 2009  11:18 pm

    If you know the movie Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, then maybe you wont write stupid comments. You didnt even wrote what he said in interviews that night when he weared that costume.

  2. Bil Jul 22nd 2009  2:56 am

    I have not been able to find a swastika on that uniform. There is an Iron Cross, confused with the swastika by the ignorant and extremely stupid, but I did not see a swastika. More typical gotcha journalism.

  3. Jorge Jul 22nd 2009  4:34 am

    Angie I don’t know what you are talking about. It was not the role that Mazare was copying it was just the uniform he was interested in. He said he liked the way the uniformlooked and he bought in Germany.
    And Bil, Mazare admitted that there was a swastika on the uniform. He just said it was small and he didn’t see it. What a moron.

  4. Wyveryx Jul 28th 2009  3:48 pm

    Here’s the problem and it’s not the Swastika, and it’s not the Nazi’s.

    It’s the fact that this deplorable act by such a regime took place and has left a horrible mark in our history.
    Yet, do we teach the entire truth.
    The truth that the Swastika is a symbol that has been warped from many religious beliefs. Not something that was made up just for Fascist regimes.
    The truth that between the Jewish people and the German people that there were those who saught to fight against Hitler’s genocide.

    Why we don’t teach these things is a mystery. Perhaps if we did a better job teaching people then acts like this would not happen.

    Now should this Mayor apologize and resign. Yes and No. He should apologize for being inconsiderate to those who were put through such a horrible part of history. NO he should not resign, not unless you are willing to force every person who made a racist joke or stupid mistake that effected another race/ethnicity/color to resign or some equivilent action.
    IMHO…if we cater to everyone who is personally offended to one thing or another, and can somehow connect that with race, then we not helping to rid the world of racism, we are in fact helping it spread. Remember that Racism goes both ways and will only stop with one side saying enough and not seeking vengenance or retribution or compensation.

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