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Why should a convicted terrorist be freed? | I Am So Annoyed

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Why should a convicted terrorist be freed?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009   6:24 pm | Author: Jerry | Life |
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I just read that the terrorist, Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, who placed the bomb on Pan Am flight 103 that blew up over Scotland in 1988 was released and returned to Libya.


He was the only one convicted for this horrendous act. Today he was released because he has terminal prostate cancer.


It is a little difficult for me to have any compassion for someone who killed 270 people. 


He was sentenced to life in jail without parole and that is what he should have served. 


Some of the families of the victims blame the warming relations in the last few years between Libya and western nations. Others point out that access to Libyian oil is also part of the story. 


The story of the explosion and victims of flight 103 is both sad and frightening. During the trail forensic evidence was presented that indicated that some of the victims may have been alive and conscious as they fell from 31,000 feet. Many of the victims had no signs of injuries from the actual explosion. A farmer where one of the victims, a flight attendant, landed stated that she was alive when he found her but died before medical help could arrive.


The flight included 46 students from Syracuse University, Colgate, Brown University and the State University of NY at Oswego.


As I said it is difficult to feel compassion for this terrorist even if he is ill and dying. The 270 victims did not have a chance to go home and see their families to say good bye. 

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One Comment
  1. Jenna Aug 22nd 2009  7:50 am

    Did you see the hero’s welcome he received when he landed in Libya? disgusting.

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