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Americans die foreign gangster lives | I Am So Annoyed

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Americans die foreign gangster lives

Monday, November 2nd, 2009   6:43 am | Author: SJB | Health/Medical, Life, Money |
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Last night 60 minutes had a story about the the Japanese crime organization called Yakuza.


The Yakuza has been compared to the Mafia however they operate in the open in Japan. They are involved in everything from business to culture in Japan and it appears they are also connected in the US.


Part of the story revolved around Tadamasa Goto who is one of the richest and most violent godfathers of this organization.


Jake Adelstein who lives in Tokyo and has followed the mob for 15 years said ”Generally speaking, Yakuza get rid of bodies by dumping them in the foundations of buildings. They own a lot of construction companies. So, you know, you’re pouring a new building. You throw the body in, like, the cement. And nobody ever finds it. The buildings go all up, all the time in Tokyo.”


Adelstein continued ”They run everything from the girls to the sex, to the drugs. But the modern Yakuza is a different animal, adding corporate takeovers, financial fraud and insider trading to their criminal portfolio.” 


Goto was diagnosed with liver disease and needed a liver transplant. Since these transplants are not available in Japan he turned to the US.


60 minutes reports “Ordinarily such a notorious mobster wouldn’t even be allowed into the United States, but Tadamasa Goto not only got into the country, he jumped to the top of a long waiting list for a life-saving liver transplant at UCLA Medical Center.”


Apparently Goto struck a deal with the FBI promising to turn informant for them if they would help him get the transplant. In addition he paid $1 million for the transplant.


Both the FBI and UCLA Medical Center could not resist and allowed him into the Country and made him the number one candidate for the procedure bypassing several Americans on the list.


The result was that Goto got his transplant and several of the American patients ran out of time and died.


Goto returned to Japan and did not fully honor his agreement with the FBI. They got little from him.


It makes you sick to hear this.





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