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45 million uninsured, 17 million hungry

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009   2:49 pm | Author: Isabelle | Economy, Food, Life |
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For months the story of the uninsured has been circulating in the media. 45 million uninsured Americans.


The latest sobering figure is that 17 million Americans had trouble putting food on the table in the past year. That was an increase from 13 million last year. This is from a report by the Agriculture Department.


The greatest nation on earth does not provide health insurance coverage for many of its citizens while others are going hungry.


This is a very sad reflection of who we are as a people.


And the news may be worse than reported. In an article in the New York Times “Vicki Escarra, president of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization with a national network of more than 200 food banks, said that the Agriculture Department probably understated the problem. With unemployment and other economic indicators continuing to worsen in 2009, she said, “there are likely many more people struggling with hunger than this report states.”


“National socioeconomic indicators, including the escalating unemployment rate and the number of working poor, lead us to believe that the number of people facing hunger will continue to rise significantly over the coming year,” added Ms. Escarra.


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