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Career Change - Not Likely!!! | I Am So Annoyed

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Career Change - Not Likely!!!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010   4:01 am | Author: CareerChange | Education, Work/Employment |
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G’day All

Well what a waste of time and effort…

Thought I would go for a career change as a result of the big Global Financial Crisis. So I did an 11 month course with Aviation Australia (the largest aviation maintance training organisation in Australia). Did really well topping my class with outstanding results, excellent attendance and what I thought was a good attitude (showed up, got on with it, didn’t bitch and moan, etc). Even did more than was required as I while my couse was mechanical I did the additional subjects required to complete avionics. Did the avionics stuff by myself over a period of about 4 months with books and notes. No instructor help. Just paid for and sat the exam.

Now I would think that having done all that I would at least get to an interview. Yes I had two back in late 2009 but since then zip. Nada. Nothing. I have applied for over a dozen jobs but can’t get any useful feedback on what I don’t have, what I am doing wrong or why I can’t find a job in this industry. The school washes it hands and says that is up to the employer or feedback is given as “unsuitable” but I want to know why?

Neither has the school bothered to suggest any avionics roles I can apply for despite being able and willing.

My training school offers an employment service but they have been unable to explain WHY I have been unsuccesful. I have watched half my class find jobs (poorer grades, attitudes, attendance) and the school claim a 90%+ success in finding employment (as aside - a think this mischievous as they include those not necessarily working in aviation).

The organisations I have talked to outside of the school say I have done the wrong set of exams (we are in state of flux re regulations and law). The regulator has nothing to do with it and their own website fails me because it is undergoing an upgrade and the bit I want maybe ready by Christmas.

My continued frustration has caused me to question whether I should even bother to continue trying to find something in aviation. Maybe time to go back to my old profession (accountant) and make some money.

I am so annoyed, angry, bitter, frustrated that I almost got myself in to trouble by protesting at a large open day and was briefly threatened with libel and arrest. I am now telling everyone and anyone who will listen not to bother with aviation maintenance. Especially with the group I trained with. There are alternatives and I wish I had done it differently but hindsight it is only going to taunt me.

The aviation industry does not want good people. It is uninterested in helping itself because it doesn’t bother to try to explain to those trying to get in what it looking for.

So 18 months later I am broke, unemployed and angry.

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