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Are pharmaceuticals out to kill you?

Sunday, December 13th, 2009   9:49 am | Author: Isabelle | Health/Medical | Add Comment
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There is a story in the New York Times today about an estrogen drug manufactured and sold by Wyeth (now Pfizer).


The drug, Prempro, was sold as a drug to treat the symptoms of menopause and hyped as also addressing problems with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and blindness.


“MILLIONS of American women in the 1990s were told they could help their bodies ward off major illness by taking menopausal hormone drugs. Some medical associations said so. Many gynecologists and physicians said so. Respected medical journals said so, too.”


“Connie Barton, then a medical office assistant in Peoria, Ill., was one woman who responded to such messages. She says she took Prempro, a hormone drug made by Wyeth, from 1997, when she was 53, until 2002, when she received a diagnosis of breast cancer. As part of her cancer treatment, she had a mastectomy to remove her left breast.”


“Now Ms. Barton, who said in an interview that she used Prempro in part because ..continue reading

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Cell phones will kill you (but we are not sure)

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009   5:07 am | Author: Jerry | Technology | Add Comment
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This story surfaces every year or two and scares the daylights out of many people.


I don’t understand why there are no definitive answers on this by now.


The latest article appeared on CNN yesterday “…more evidence is emerging that long-term cell phone use is associated with cancer, but there’s still not a definitive explanation or proof of cause and effect.”


The World Health Organization is to release a study by the end of the year that was conducted over the last decade. Last month the London Daily Telegraph reported that the study shows significant risk of brain tumors for those using cell phones for 10 years or more. 


“A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology that looked at 23 case-control studies found that the research with the more scientifically rigorous methodologies suggested cell phones and tumors are linked.”


“Researchers found that cell phone users had a 10 percent to 30 percent higher risk ..continue reading

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Marines:it is not our problem

Saturday, September 26th, 2009   7:54 am | Author: Jerry | Health/Medical | 1 Comment
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Here is a story that will make you sick.


At least 20 marines who served at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina have breast cancer. A disease that affects 1 man for every 100 women who have it. Many have had mastectomies and required chemo therapy and radiation treatments.


The cancer appears to be linked to the water at that camp. As far back as 1974 a base commander warned that toxic chemical must be disposed of properly and if that was not done it may contaminate the water supply.  Test conducted in 1980 and 1981 showed extreme levels of contamination.  In August 1982, the experts found one sample with levels of trichloroethylene, a degreaser believed to cause cancer, of 1,400 parts per billion. Today’s EPA safe level for the substance is five parts per billion.


It was not until 1984/1985 that the Marine Corp started closing contaminated wells.


Now these Marines who have the disease have been denied coverage by the Marine Corp. The Marine Corp ..continue reading

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Death options: cigarettes or sunbed

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009   11:02 am | Author: betty | Health/Medical | 3 Comments
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Is this a surprise to anyone? I never understood why people would bake themselves in a sunbed. It is bad enough to lie in the sun for an extended period of time without any protection but to lie in a sunbed is beyond stupidity as far as I am concerned.


The International Agency for Research on Cancer just revised its recommendation from “sunbeds are a probable cause of cancer” to ” sunbeds/tanning  machines should be moved to the highest risk of cancer”.


The risk of getting melanoma increased by 75% for those who started using these machines before they reach the age of 30.


There was an immediate reaction from the Sunbed Association disputing the IARCs finding and claiming that there is no link between tanning on these beds and cancer.


In fact the IARC found a link between use of the tanning beds and cancer of the eyelid.



Reminds me of all those who claimed ..continue reading

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Grants impede cancer cure research

Sunday, June 28th, 2009   8:33 am | Author: Harry | Health/Medical | Add Comment
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There is a disturbing story in the New York Times today that points out that the grant system for cancer research is actually an impediment to finding treatments and cures for cancer.


The cancer institute has spend over $105 billion since Nixon funded it in 1971. And the privately run American Cancer society has spent $3.4 billion since 1946.


Yet little progress has been made in finding new treatments or cures. The grant program has become an ongoing jobs program, keeping research labs going from year to year. Most grants provide funding for small projects that at best may provide small incremental steps towards finding a cure for cancer.


Because the target seems to be small incremental steps grant requests for transformational projects are usually not provided.


There needs to be a complete overhaul of this process. Cancer has been killing people for a very long time and it seems that with today’s technology ..continue reading

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