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Mathews skewers Politico

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010   7:34 am | Author: freethinker | Politics/Government | Add Comment
Tags: , , which is supposed to be providing “aggressive reporting” about both sides of the aisle was skewered by Chris Mathews last night about their “reporting” about Dick Cheney.


It has become apparent that Politico has provided Cheney an uncontested venue for his continual attacks on Obama. Politico has done little but transcribe Cheney’s diatribes. 


Mathews confronted Politico’s Jonathan Martin about this stating “He uses you like he’d use Drudge or somebody”. Thinkprogress reports that Mathews kept after Martin:


MATTHEWS: I mean, he’s got his own news conduit.


MARTIN: You know, we aggressively report on both sides.


MATTHEWS: It’s not reporting. He feeds you this stuff. … I do like Politico. He’s feeding you guys this crap. [...]

What’s he call up and say? “I got a hot one for you, Jon. Can you take — what’s your email address?” Is that what he does? 



Politico is treating Cheney like the days ..continue reading

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The Bush dummies

Thursday, December 31st, 2009   4:55 am | Author: freethinker | Politics/Government | 1 Comment
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Over the last few days we heard from many Republicans how Obama is responsible for the attempted attack on the airliner on Christmas day.


Some of the most vocal, hypocritical attacks on Obama are from those Bush dummies, Rove and Cheney.


The other day Rove appearing on Hannity’s show said “Look, they woke him up immediately to tell him he won the Nobel Prize but couldn’t bother to interrupt his vacation for three hours to tell him a terrorist tried to bring down a plane on Christmas Day. And the President waits 72 hours before we hear from him, and it’s over 72 hours from the time of the incident to the time that the President spoke today, and then the President said some things that are simply not true.”


First Obama was briefed immediately when it was apparent that this was an attack and more importantly Rove must have a very short term ..continue reading

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Get your crayons out

Monday, December 21st, 2009   5:58 pm | Author: chris | Politics/Government, Technology | Add Comment
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In his book Tom Ridge alleged that the Bush administration pressured him to raise the terror alert level before the 2004 elections. I am sure this was done to scare people into voting for Bush.


Now comes word that a con man was responsible for convincing the White House to raise the alert level to Orange in December of 2003.


I guess these are the people Cheney and the CIA depended on to protect Americans. Wasn’t it another con man who convinced Bush/Cheney to attack Iraq?


Dennis Montgomery, has been embroiled in various lawsuits, including one for allegedly bouncing $1 million in checks during a Caesars Palace spree. His former lawyer calls him a “habitual liar engaged in fraud.” 


Montgomery convinced the CIA he could decode secret terrorist targeting information sent through Al Jazeera broadcasts. His “decodings” resulted in Tom Ridge warning of “near-term attacks that could either rival or exceed what we experience on September 11″ in ..continue reading

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Know nothing Kristol at it again

Sunday, December 13th, 2009   3:05 pm | Author: freethinker | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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From the man who thought that Sunnis and Shites would get along without a problem once we entered Iraq we have the latest worthless but dangerous pronouncement.


Bill Kristol has been doing the happy dance since President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. As thinkprogress reports Kristol is under the delusion that Obama’s speech somehow confirmed the neo-conservative (Bush/Cheney/Kristol, etc.) position on the “war on terror”.


Today on FOX News Sunday Kristol claimed that the speech was Obama’s version of the Bush doctrine and continued with


“There’s this one sentence, “There will be times when nations – acting individually or in concert – will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified.”


“That’s a pretty striking statement. I mean any American president should say that who’s looking at Iran developing nuclear weapons. I think he is, it’s not just that Israel might use preemptive force against Iran. This speech lays the predicate ..continue reading

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Candidate for Cheney’s cellmate

Saturday, December 12th, 2009   9:30 am | Author: chris | Life, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Tony Blair is a good candidate for Cheney’s cellmate when Cheney is finally jailed for crimes against humanity.


In an interview with the BBC, Blair stated that he would have still gone ahead with military action to remove Saddam Hussein even if WMD were not the (faked) reason.


Blair said ”I would still have thought it right to remove him. I mean obviously you would have had to use and deploy different arguments, about the nature of the threat.”


Meaning that other lies would have been required if they didn’t use the WMD lie.


Blair continued  ”I can’t really think we’d be better with him and his two sons still in charge, but it’s incredibly difficult and I totally understand.


“That’s why I sympathize with the people who were against [the war] for perfectly good reasons and are against it now, but for me, you know, in the end I had to take the ..continue reading

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