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Tea party plans to commit hari kari

Thursday, December 24th, 2009   11:54 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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The Tea Party members seem to be so stupid that they don’t realized that major corporations are the primary source of funds for Republicans. Many of these corporations are funding lobbyists to stop the government from accomplishing anything. The same goal that the tea party seems to have.


But that has not stopped them from calling for a strike on January 20th to try to “financially cripple” corporations. They claim that they are targeting those corporations that advertise on CNN and MSNBC and support Democratic candidates. 


These total fools don’t seem to realize that the same corporations also advertise on FOX and contribute to both Republicans and Democrats.


talkingpointmemo states that “On Jan. 20, Former Christian Coalition state legislative director and conservative political strategist Allen Hardage is calling on tea partiers to “expose” the socialist-supporting companies, and bombard them with phone calls, emails and protests to demand they stop advertising with “liberal” media outlets and contributing ..continue reading

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Shareholders and Executives win, Jobseekers lose

Saturday, August 15th, 2009   4:42 am | Author: Bob | Economy, Work/Employment | Add Comment
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The corporate share buyback has accelerate recently as the markets tanked.


While this may be a good thing for corporate executives it is a terrible thing for those searching for jobs in this economy.


An article in BusinessWeek this week points out that with the jobless rate hovering around 10% it is unconscionable that companies are buying back shares instead of using that money to retain, hire or even expand their businesses.


Many of the share buyback plans wind up enriching their top level management teams with stock based compensation.


The BW article points out that


“The amount of money spent on buybacks is staggering. From 1997 through last year, 438 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index spent $2.4 trillion on them. In 2007, as profits soared, the average buyback bill for each was about $1.2 billion—a record amount. And faced with a dramatic drop in their combined net income in 2008, ..continue reading

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Freedomworks comprised of unpatriotic Americans

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009   1:28 pm | Author: chris | Health/Medical, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Freedomworks the conservative organization formed by former GOP Congressman Dick Army is doing a major disservice to the majority of Americans.


They can be called truly unpatriotic.


This is an organization that is corporate funded. Corporations that do not want to see health care reform because it may impact their businesses and their bottom lines. They do not care about the health care issues that affect Americans each day.


Freedomworks in turn has been sponsoring, funding and encouraging groups like the Tea Party Patriots and other phony “grassroots” groups to protest and disrupt town hall meetings that attempt to have meaningful debates and discussion about health car reform.


The hatred that Freedomworks and other similarly corporate funded conservative and right wing organizations have stirred up is reaching dangerous levels. There are always unstable people who if encouraged and made to believe that they are doing the right thing will turn to violence.


Freedomworks and these ..continue reading

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