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Check your credit card and checking accounts

Monday, January 4th, 2010   7:12 am | Author: Jerry | Life, Money | Add Comment
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The Wall Street Journal reports that banks and financial firms are gearing up to screw you just a little more.


They are planning on raising fees on checking accounts and credit cards  ”to replace more than $50 billion in revenue wiped out by new rules that clamp down on certain business practices”.


“Credit-card issuers collected $22.9 billion in penalty fees—such as those assessed for late payments—in 2009, up from $19 billion in 2008.”


“Credit-card companies already have been racing to slip new fees and practices into customer contracts ahead of the law (that becomes effective in February). Issuers are closing accounts, switching cards with fixed interest rates to variable rates and introducing cards that have an annual fee.”


“The Fed estimates that banks generate $25 billion to $38 billion a year in overdraft fees.”


“..banks are expected to eliminate free checking completely, raise fees on safe-deposit boxes and charge customers more for issuing a stop-payment on ..continue reading

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Credit card companies on full throttle

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009   6:16 am | Author: Jerry | Money, Politics/Government, Services/Products | Add Comment
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Credit card companies are in full “get all the money now” mode before the new credit card rules take affect in February.


I just saw a report on CNN about a couple who have perfect credit and have a credit card from Chase. Chase decided to more then double their minimum monthly payment requirement which for them went from about $400/month to over $900/month. When they called Chase to find out what could be done they were told that their payments could be reduced but only if their rate increased. Chase already increased the rates when they increased the monthly minimums.


Some Chase credit card users report that their rate has increased to between 27% and 39%.


What these credit cards are doing is legal but should be criminal.


The government needs to step in immediately and put an end to these practices. Citizens can not wait until February for relief.


It is easy to ..continue reading

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Income at Home Kit Is A Scam

Monday, June 29th, 2009   2:37 pm | Author: rosie | Money | 1 Comment
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I am annoyed at myself for being so gullible.  I saw a site for a kit from Google (so i thought), which was called Google  It was going to show me how to make tons of money using Google ads etc for 1.96.  They needed my card information and they gave me a log in and password and supposedly 800 toll free 24 hours for any assistance. 

Well I signed into the site, learned absolutely nothing new, and in small print saw they are not affiliated with Google in anyway and you will be charged 49.00per month if not cancelled within 7 days.  I called to cancel right away only to find out the numbers are not affiliated with this company in anyway.  So the bottom line is I called my credit card company put on a fraud alert and cancelled the card, they told me that they are ..continue reading

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