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90 days for killing 2 dogs

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009   6:01 pm | Author: SJB | Life, Pets/Animals | 1 Comment
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David Santuomo, an Ohio firefighter decided to take his two dogs into his basement and shoot them 11 times because he didn’t want to pay to have them boarded while he went on vacation.


He wraped the dogs up and threw them into the trash behind the firehouse. His fellow firefighters turned him in after he started bragging about it.


The laws governing such disgusting crimes in Columbus, Ohio are hard to understand. He was charged with two misdemeanors. The first is the improper killing of a companion animal and the second is a felony for possession of a criminal tool. He created the silencer on the rifle he used for the killings.


The improper killing of a companion animal. What kind of law is that?? I can understand euthanizing a dog who is suffering and dying but is there a proper way to kill a companion animal if he/she is ..continue reading

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009   11:51 am | Author: Danebarrel | Pets/Animals | 2 Comments
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I like dogs.


But I want to kill my neighbor’s dog.



It is an unknown, smallish breed; a scrawny composite of burlap and bones. Its bark is like a million tiny needles of sound that pierce the floor on which it scampers down into my abode, day and night, night and day.


This sound is scraping away my forgiveness and virtue.


The owners leave the window open, allowing the s’mite to speak to our colony, unobstructed. A dwarfed, canine orator entranced by its singular, high-pitched message:




Maybe it’s a prayer to Elder Dog Gods beyond my capacity of spiritual comprehension.


However, the only interest I have in conversion is a one-time dog murderer.



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I hate my neighbor

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009   9:55 am | Author: margaret | Life | 1 Comment
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A few years ago, my neighbor got a new dog from the pound. The dog kept coming down into my yard in the morning just before I had to leave for work. It ran around my yard, tearing up the grass, pooping, and upsetting my own dog. When I called to complain several times, the neighbor acted insulted and did nothing about it. Finally I said that if the dog continued to come in my yard, I would call the pound. So  he built a low fence, but thus the war started. Then one day I came into my backyard to see the same neighbor reaching over into my yard with a long pole saw, cutting down my mayten trees (sort of willow trees). I told him to stop cutting my trees, as it was ruining my privacy. Well, the other day he came over and asked if he could ..continue reading

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