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Texting while driving

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009   2:31 pm | Author: Harry | Life, Technology | 5 Comments
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I recently completed a driver’s education course to reduce my insurance premiums. A couple of the key points related to accidents caused by talking or texting on cell phones.


Several of my friends told me that they don’t think it applies to them. They said that they can multi-task and use the phone and still keep their eyes on the road and drive without a problem. I told them I don’t think it can be done but they wouldn’t listen to me.


Last week the son of a friend hit a pole while driving. He was texting to his girlfriend when it happened. Luckily he just had some minor scrapes but the car had over $5000 worth of damage. Still some of my other friends don’t think it will happen to them.


Today I read a story that truckers who text while driving are 23% more likely to get into a crash. These ..continue reading

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Cellphone use while driving research

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009   4:52 am | Author: Bob | Education, Health/Medical, Technology | 3 Comments
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The other day I was driving on a two lane road at about 45 miles per hour and I noticed a driver on a cellphone in the car behind me. She was holding the phone with one hand while driving with the other. The conversation was intense as she was animated while talking. As I approached an intersection the light turned red and I slowed to stop. I took a quick look in the rear view mirror and saw that she failed to notice that I slowed down and she was still driving at 40-45 mph. In the last few seconds before hitting my car she saw that I stopped and jammed on her brakes and I saw the cell phone fly out of her hand. Meanwhile I pulled into the intersection to avoid the rear end collision. Luckily there were no other cars in the intersection.


This morning I noticed ..continue reading

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Driver’s ed course

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009   1:26 pm | Author: Harry | Education, Technology | Add Comment
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I am so annoyed. Last week after procrastinating for a month I finally gave in and signed up for a driver’s ed course the reduces my insurance rates for the next 3 years. I took the course this past Saturday, sat there for 6 hours trying not to fall asleep. There were about 20 people in the class and all looked thrilled to be there.


I was happy to be done and then today I get an email that they are offering the same course on-line. Not only that but you can pace the course at any rate you like. You can log in and do an hour today, two hours tomorrow and so on. I could have done this at home, at the office even on the road with my iPhone. Definitely annoyed now.

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Get drunks off the road

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009   3:44 am | Author: Kay | Life | Add Comment
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It is time to get tough with drunk drivers. Any driver who is caught driving drunk should have their license pulled immediately. There should be very stiff penalties if caught, first offense 3 year suspension, second offense permanent suspension. Any driver caught driving drunk should have their car impounded with a very high fine for retrieval. If a driver is caught drunk a second time the car should immediately go into auction (which some localities have already instituted). Jail time should also be a consequence of any drunk driving arrest.


Recently a young couple who just graduated high school was driving home in the middle of the night. The driver was drunk and hit a tree at 75 mph both were instantly killed. I just read that a young mother in Georgia was killed by a drunk driver in a pick up truck when she tried to get the driver to slow ..continue reading

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Fed up with drivers

Saturday, June 6th, 2009   5:28 pm | Author: Tony | Life | 1 Comment
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Someone almost hit me on my way home today. I am just so fed up with some drivers. There are certain people who should not have licenses and should not be allowed to drive.  Here is my top ten list, not in any particular order:


1. drivers who stops at a green light or decide to slow down and stop for no reason at all.


2. drivers who drive at least 15 mph less then the speed limit.  


3. drivers who drive at least 15 mph over the speed limit.


4. drivers who don’t keep a safe distance between their cars and yours, like 6 inches from your bumper.


5. drivers who drink any amount of alcohol or do any drugs.


6. drivers who failed their driving test at least 2 times.


7. drivers who don’t know what a stop sign is.


8. drivers who can’t stay within a lane.


9. drivers who use the horn excessively and ..continue reading

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