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Feeding the Homeless

Saturday, November 21st, 2009   9:11 am | Author: Jerry | Food, Life | Add Comment
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I just came across a story about a judge in Phoenix Arizona who ruled that churches that are primarily in residential areas can not feed the homeless.


There is an ordinance in Phoenix that dining halls must be in commercially zoned areas and the churches’ charity dining halls are seen as breaking this ordinance.


The reason this came about is because of complaints by neighbors who didn’t want the homeless in their neighborhood.


I guess charity only goes so far. You can mail a check to feed the poor and homeless but make sure they don’t show up in your neighborhood.


This quote by a poster on the Huffington Post sums it up perfectly  “May God bless and keep the poor……. far away from us.”



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The government rolls along at a snails pace

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009   5:06 am | Author: Kay | Food, Politics/Government | 1 Comment
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Food safety regulations should be a top priority for the U.S. government. Whether you are for more or less government I would think this is an area that most will agree requires standards and regulations.


During Reagan’s administration researchers found that contaminated eggs sickened thousands of people yet nothing has been done on a federal level to regulate the production of eggs in over 20 years.


In 1992 Pennsylvania developed a pilot program and discovered that contaminated chicken feed and infected breeder hens caused the majority of the problems. They were able to reduce the egg contamination rate from 39% to 7%. Over the years many other States copied Pennsylvania’s inspections and regulations. However nothing was done on a Federal level until the Obama administration released a rule yesterday to address this problem as well as problems with other food contamination in spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken and beef. But most of the ..continue reading

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Don’t touch that food it is full of corn

Thursday, June 25th, 2009   3:51 pm | Author: Kay | Food, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and he told me to cut down foods with corn. I said I didn’t eat much corn and he said that I would be amazed to find out what food contain corn.


So I did some research and was shocked and extremely annoyed that stricter regulations are not in place to limit what food producers put in our food.


Although there are conflicting results from studies many experts agree the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) leads to obesity. HFCS is widely used in soda and many other foods. In addition corn is found in most foods served at fast foods restaurants.


Analysis had shown that nearly every cow and chicken used in fast food is fed a corn diet. Cows do not normally subsist on a corn only diet. The corn diet enhances the possibility of e. coli in the intestines a common cause of food poisoning. 


The ..continue reading

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Getting Ripped Off To Stay Healthy

Friday, June 12th, 2009   6:50 am | Author: Kerri | Food | Add Comment
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How annoying is it that just when you’re trying to lose weight, it seems that all the “good” food in unaffordable, while all the “bad” food is not only tempting, but also easily accessible, and real, real cheap.  Yesterday, I craved a healthy tuna sandwich.  I went to “Yogurt and Such” and asked how much a tuna sandwich costs.  It would have been $7.25. With a cup of coffee it probably would have been very close to $10.00 Why?  That seemed like too much money.  So, instead, I went to a bakery near where I work and got an awesome chocolate danish and an iced coffee for only $3.50.  Uh oh!  I paid half, but got probably triple the calories!  I keep forgetting that I’ll always have to ‘pay the price’ when I save on food–maybe not in dollars, but certainly in fat!  But really, isn’t it annoying that you ..continue reading

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annoyed at prices for food etc……….

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009   3:11 pm | Author: rosie | Food | 1 Comment
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I went to the store the other day and found crackers that I usually buy went up by 20cents.  Soup went up by 25cents and various fruits such as apples, bananas ,pears, blueberries all went up in cost.  I met a neighbor who told me about a supermarket(korean)not too far from my house.  So I decided to stop there and found the same fruit, crackers and soups for a  lot less.   Its terrible how you need to shop around now adays, which of course means using more gas to drive to various places, we can’t win, the food is less if we go elsewhere and then the gas costs more to get there!!

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