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And the award goes to —

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010   6:07 am | Author: chris | Entertainment/Sports, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Glenn Beck for 2009 Misinformer of the Year.



Well deserved!

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Glenn Beck on crack

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009   7:37 pm | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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The only way to explain Glenn Beck’s daily delusional rants is that he is on drugs or aliens have taken over his brain.


This guy should be in an institution not on a national cable network. There are people out there who believe Beck knows what he is talking about. But watching him you can only conclude that he is a delusional paranoid maniac.


A couple of nights ago he said “How much more evidence do youneed that we have radicals in the White House?” and “ Do we really want Communists in the United States government as special advisors to the president?”


He also spent an in depth session trying to educate his viewers on the hidden communist art found on NBC Headquarters (Rockefeller Center) buildings in New York City.


Here are two of his many classic observations:





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