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Music in the barn

Saturday, June 20th, 2009   3:58 pm | Author: MDB | Life, Pets/Animals | Add Comment
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We visited friends of ours last week who own a working farm. They have a large barn with several horses. Our friends had speakers installed there to play classical music for the animals. They felt that it had a soothing affect on them.


I thought it was a good idea. They told me that they read a story of a woman in England that was doing the same for the last twenty years, playing classical music from a radio station to her horses. Then one day she received a notice from the Performing Rights Society stating that she had to get a license to play the music since she had a few employees and that made her a commercial enterprise the same as cafes and bars that play commercial music and playing music in her barn was considered a performance.


How stupid is that?

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Fed up with drivers

Saturday, June 6th, 2009   5:28 pm | Author: Tony | Life | 1 Comment
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Someone almost hit me on my way home today. I am just so fed up with some drivers. There are certain people who should not have licenses and should not be allowed to drive.  Here is my top ten list, not in any particular order:


1. drivers who stops at a green light or decide to slow down and stop for no reason at all.


2. drivers who drive at least 15 mph less then the speed limit.  


3. drivers who drive at least 15 mph over the speed limit.


4. drivers who don’t keep a safe distance between their cars and yours, like 6 inches from your bumper.


5. drivers who drink any amount of alcohol or do any drugs.


6. drivers who failed their driving test at least 2 times.


7. drivers who don’t know what a stop sign is.


8. drivers who can’t stay within a lane.


9. drivers who use the horn excessively and ..continue reading

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Court always sides with cop

Friday, May 29th, 2009   9:53 am | Author: pilot | Life | Add Comment
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Several months ago I was driving near my home and came to a stop sign. I looked both ways before proceeding and noticed that there was a police car several hundred yards away coming towards me on the road I was about to cross. I figured plenty of time so I stepped on the peddle to make sure I make it through the interesection without a problem.


The next thing I know the cop pulls me over and tells me that I did not come to a full stop at the sign. I told him that I did stop and look both wasy. He still issued a ticket.


This morning I went to court to fight the ticket. This is a small town and they try to process all trafic violations once a week. The “prosecutor” talks to everyone who show up to get the story straight and in some cases offers ..continue reading

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