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More from the Palin clan

Friday, January 8th, 2010   11:26 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt  is providing a peak behind the curtain of the McCain campaign.


They were scared shit that Palin would screw up the debate with Joe Biden and have a major meltdown.


According to CNN “What was most troubling, according to Schmidt, was the fact Palin repeatedly confounded Biden’s name during the preparation process, referring to the then-Delaware senator as Sen. O’Biden. Aides were so worried that such a mishap in the actual debate would prove catastrophic that they advised her to simply refer to her opponent as “Joe.”"


In an interview that will air on 60 Minutes this weekend Schmidt reveals that “Palin’s debate preparations were going so poorly that campaign aides feared the closely-watched debate could prove to be a “debacle of historic and epic proportions.”


This was to be the next VP and she couldn’t even get Biden’s name right. 


There is a God out there who made sure ..continue reading

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McCain on Palin

Sunday, December 6th, 2009   8:50 pm | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was on Meet the Press today and said the following about Sarah Palin-


“I think that Sarah Palin is a–has earned herself a very big place in the Republican political scene.  I’m proud of her.  I am entertained every time I see these people attack her and attack her and attack her.  She’s irrelevant, but they continue to attack her.  I am so proud of her and the work that she is doing” and “She’s going to be a big part of that discussion and debate in the future.”


Today’s Republican party is led by irrelevant people. Thanks Senator McCain for clearing that up for us. We were afraid that someone with intelligence may be leading the party but we are happy to hear that is not the case.


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McCain: I was for Medicare cuts before I was against them

Monday, November 30th, 2009   7:15 pm | Author: freethinker | Health/Medical, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.


Republicans don’t seem to understand the concept of hypocrisy. But they were consistent about one thing until this year. They have been trying to kill Medicare since its inception. This year it is politically advantageous to scare seniors about losing Medicare so the Republicans are now against any cuts (But not really).


thinkprogress reports that John McCain’s has gone righteous about the proposed cuts to Medicare. He is protesting the proposed $491 billion in reductions to Medicare and Medicaid. These reductions to Medicare are aimed at preserving the programs and extending them to other seniors.


Meanwhile in the real world during his campaign last year McCain proposed cutting $1.3 trillion from Medicare over ten years.


thnkprogress notes “In October 2008, the McCain campaign announced that the Senator would pay for his health plan “with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid…in a move that independent analysts estimate could result in cuts of $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the government programs.” ..continue reading

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Pharmas quickly raise prices for drugs

Monday, November 16th, 2009   7:31 am | Author: freethinker | Health/Medical, Politics/Government, Services/Products | Add Comment
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Last month the NYT ran a story about insurance companies raising premiums to ridiculous levels in anticipation of health care reform.


Now the second shoe drops. In another story today in the NYT reports that the drug companies are also raising rates on medications before any legislation is enacted.


Just another blaring indicator why health care reform is required immediately. These companies are just out to screw Americans as quickly as possible and boost their bottom lines.


The Times notes “Even as drug makers promise to support Washington’s health care overhaul by shaving $8 billion a year off the nation’s drug costs after the legislation takes effect, the industry has been raising its prices at the fastest rate in years.”


“In the last year, the industry has raised the wholesale prices of brand-name prescription drugs by about 9 percent, according to industry analysts. That will add more than $10 billion to the nation’s drug bill, which ..continue reading

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McCain the tech master

Saturday, October 24th, 2009   5:38 pm | Author: freethinker | Politics/Government, Technology | Add Comment
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John McCain joined the net neutrality debate by introducing the Internet Freedom Act according to thinkprogress. The Act would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from enacting rules that would regulate the Internet.


Everything these days is a “government takeover” according to McCain and most other Republicans. Even if these government regulations are to protect users and companies from the monopoly that the providers (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc.) currently have and plan to expand by controlling costs and limiting access.


McCain in his press release about his proposed Act said


“This government takeover of the Internet will stifle innovation, in turn slowing our economic turnaround and further depressing an already anemic job market.  Outside of health care, the technology industry is the nation’s fastest growing job market.  Innovation and job growth in this sector of our economy is the key to America’s future prosperity.  In 2008, while most industries were slashing jobs in the worst ..continue reading

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