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Clown number 2 scores another one

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010   4:33 pm | Author: freethinker | Entertainment/Sports, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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After Palin scored the big coup by joining the FOX news network she decided it was time for a drink.


The latest word is that she will be the key note speaker at the Las Vegas Wine and Liqueur Wholesalers of America convention.


Craig Wolf, the president and CEO of the Wine and Liquor Wholesalers of America said ”Governor Palin is a great supporter of America’s free enterprise system and understands that industries like the beverage alcohol industry play a key role in driving our national economy. We’re proud and honored to welcome her as a speaker.  We expect she will share with the convention attendees her analysis of the current political environment and her vision for America’s future.”


These people must have been drunk when they selected Palin to appear as a keynote speaker or as anything else to “share her analysis”. Palin does not know what the word analysis means.


Why are people paying to ..continue reading

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Two clowns to hit prime time

Monday, January 11th, 2010   7:16 pm | Author: freethinker | Entertainment/Sports, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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There are two media related stories that hit the news in the last day.


The first is that NBC is planning to move Jay Leno back into the night time slot. What that means for Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon is anyone’s guess.


The real news is about the other clown, Sarah Palin. She signed on with Fox News, or fixed news. She will appear as a commentator.


Fox and Palin are made for each other. Both lie and distort the news. Facts are meaningless. 


Tina Fey will have some great material. I hope she will re-consider and bring back the Palin character. 


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More from the Palin clan

Friday, January 8th, 2010   11:26 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt  is providing a peak behind the curtain of the McCain campaign.


They were scared shit that Palin would screw up the debate with Joe Biden and have a major meltdown.


According to CNN “What was most troubling, according to Schmidt, was the fact Palin repeatedly confounded Biden’s name during the preparation process, referring to the then-Delaware senator as Sen. O’Biden. Aides were so worried that such a mishap in the actual debate would prove catastrophic that they advised her to simply refer to her opponent as “Joe.”"


In an interview that will air on 60 Minutes this weekend Schmidt reveals that “Palin’s debate preparations were going so poorly that campaign aides feared the closely-watched debate could prove to be a “debacle of historic and epic proportions.”


This was to be the next VP and she couldn’t even get Biden’s name right. 


There is a God out there who made sure ..continue reading

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Joke of the day, Palin style

Friday, January 8th, 2010   4:02 am | Author: chris | Life | Add Comment
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No not that Palin.


Bloomberg reports that 19 year old Bristol Palin has registered to set up a public relations firm, BSMP LLC.


This twit who has been running around the country preaching abstinence after having a baby with then boyfriend Levi Johnston beleives she is qualified to run a PR firm.


Who would hire her? There are probably enough Palin lovers out there to make sure she doesn’t fail.


Only in the USA. I love this country.

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The Palin effect

Saturday, December 26th, 2009   12:13 pm | Author: chris | Health/Medical, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Some just can not come to terms that the “death panel” lie was a lie. A huge lie.


But there will always be some right wingers out there that will not give it up.


Sarah Palin ruined Christmas for at least one of these wingnuts.


Bunny from Parsons, Kansas called CSPAN to complain about the passage of the health care reform bill by the Senate.


“I have taken my Christmas wreath off my house. I have taken all the lights down. This is supposed to be a nation under God, and it isn’t. They absolutely have ruined Christmas.”


“So you took down your Christmas tree because of the Senate health care bill?”  asked C-SPAN host Peter Slen.


“I certainly did. And I would like to see every light in the nation go out, especially in the White House” she replied.


She continued that her reason for her outrage and opposition is because its death panel provisions will unleash a ..continue reading

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