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Is the Tea Party just a scam to raise money?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010   10:31 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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Here is an interesting little fact. talkingpointsmemo has uncovered the following: “The political action committee behind the Tea Party Express (TPE) — which already has been slammed as inauthentic and corporate-controlled by rival factions in the Tea Party movement — directed almost two thirds of its spending during a recent reporting period back to the Republican consulting firm that created the PAC in the first place.




Is the Tea Party just a scam? or has this been obvious from day one?


“Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) spent around $1.33 million from July through November, according to FEC filings examined by TPMmuckraker. Of that sum, a total of $857,122 went to Sacramento-based GOP political consulting firm Russo, Marsh, and Associates, or people associated with it.”


“OCDB, which built the Tea Party Express, is essentially a Russo, Marsh creation.”


The full report is here.


Next takedown, Dick Armey and ..continue reading

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Tea party plans to commit hari kari

Thursday, December 24th, 2009   11:54 am | Author: chris | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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The Tea Party members seem to be so stupid that they don’t realized that major corporations are the primary source of funds for Republicans. Many of these corporations are funding lobbyists to stop the government from accomplishing anything. The same goal that the tea party seems to have.


But that has not stopped them from calling for a strike on January 20th to try to “financially cripple” corporations. They claim that they are targeting those corporations that advertise on CNN and MSNBC and support Democratic candidates. 


These total fools don’t seem to realize that the same corporations also advertise on FOX and contribute to both Republicans and Democrats.


talkingpointmemo states that “On Jan. 20, Former Christian Coalition state legislative director and conservative political strategist Allen Hardage is calling on tea partiers to “expose” the socialist-supporting companies, and bombard them with phone calls, emails and protests to demand they stop advertising with “liberal” media outlets and contributing ..continue reading

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East Coast Tea Party as silly as the West Coast

Friday, December 11th, 2009   12:35 pm | Author: freethinker | Politics/Government | Add Comment
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In my previous post I noted that the Tea Party in California is trying to make the singing of songs mandatory in California schools. reports that the Tea Party seems to be as ridiculousness on the East coast as they are on the West Coast.


“A Christian civil liberties organization on Thursday asked centrist Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello (D) to move his home district office to a location more favorable to protesters.”


“The Rutherford Institute, which was founded by conservative constitutional lawyer John W. Whitehead, penned a letter to the freshman Perriello citing the concerns of a local tea party group and the University of Virginia College Republicans that the location of his Charlottesville office interferes with their right to protest there. “


“Whitehead’s letter says that conservative protesters have been told they they would be considered trespassers if they “dare to demonstrate on political issues while in the parking lot to [Perriello's] office.” There are ..continue reading

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Have a Merry Christmas or we will sue you

Friday, December 11th, 2009   7:04 am | Author: freethinker | Education, Politics/Government, Religion | Add Comment
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The Tea Party has found a new cause. In a reverse course the Party is seeking to impose a government regulation (instead of getting the government out of people’s lives) to require schools to play Christmas music and have pupils participate.


Calling it the ”Freedom to Present Christmas Music in Public School Classrooms or Assemblies” initiative the Redding (California) Tea Party is dead serious about this.


The local paper the Record Searchlight reports 


“The initiative would require schools to provide children the opportunity to listen to or perform Christmas carols, and would subject the schools to litigation if the rule isn’t followed.”


“Schools currently are allowed to offer Christmas music as long as it is used for academic purposes rather than devotional purposes and isn’t used to promote a particular religious belief, according to an analysis by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office.”


This is the brainchild of Merry Hyatt, a substitute teacher who filed ..continue reading

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The clueless tea party

Monday, November 16th, 2009   12:52 pm | Author: freethinker | Life, Politics/Government | Add Comment
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The members of the Tea Party showed this weekend that they are just out to have a good time and protest.


They will protest against anyone and anything as long as you can get them riled up. The Tea Party has decided to make these outings social events. Get together, have a beer and make noise.


The Daily Kos wrote that ”several dozen Tea Baggers held an anti-immigration rally on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol where they were met by an only slightly smaller group of counter-protesters.”


“The highlight of the event is the speech by “Robert Erickson,” a “concerned citizen from Minneapolis.” Erickson launches into what seems like a standard red-meat anti-immigrant speech. His real intentions are betrayed only by a slight smirk. It is only when he accuses immigrants of spreading disease and then indicts them for “killing millions” with small pox that it becomes clear that the immigrants he ..continue reading

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